Cross-posting Videos

Now that I have given in to the fact that if I ever want anyone to read my long-forms I’ll have to go through Twitter, I am curious about the nature of cross-posting videos. Medium doesn’t do videos (or much of anything else useful, apparently); but, I definitely want my videos to pop up on Tumblr and Twitter.

Tumblr requires an extra step (replacing the your browser does not support video with the video) which is a little cumbersome but totally doable.

Twitter replacements require copying the text, deleting the tweet, and composing a new tweet with pasted text and the video.

The question, then, is whether the platform APIs allow for cross-posting video (in which case I lean on @manton for evolving the cross-post logic) or whether there is an API level barrier.

Side note: I am also playing around in my head with the idea of some form of HTML comment-based API from which platform specific data may be embedded into posts from which they could be parsed out for cross-posting (such as hashtags).

It should be possible for us to cross-post videos to Twitter so that the videos appear inline in the tweet, but for the initial version we weren’t sure the best behavior, so instead it always links back to the blog post if there is a video in it. (This assumes using Premium for video upload… Might be a little different or require changes if embedding YouTube or other video sources.)

I think we should revisit this, so happy to hear suggestions.

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My primary use case is for my short critter videos, which I like to autoplay looped and muted to mimic the way I grew accustomed to seeing them on Twitter. Gluon does a decent job of handling them if you want to see what the timeline would look like.

I am not getting the link to post behavior for posts including video; but, I would be editing/removing cross-posts that did this anyway to have videos included directly within the target platform.

Side note: now that I am cross-posting to Twitter I would also be curious about stacking tweets into a thread (like I used to build up in drafts before tweeting the whole thread). This would be ideal for posts exceeding the character count but which do not have a title (posts with titles I generate an image for in order to have a nice Twitter card specific to the post).

This issue came up for me today, as I posted a short MP4 inside of a post and then expected the Twitter/Mastodon cross post to have the video embedded but it instead had a link to the microblog post. Ideally in the future it would do the embed.

This is the Mastodon post:

I deleted the first Twitter cross post and redid it manually with the embed so I can not share that.

agreed this would be sweet:

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