Cross posting to Wordpress

Is it possible to automatically cross post to my Wordpress blog?

Cross-posting to WordPress isn’t a built-in feature, but there’s a WordPress plugin that will pull posts from a blog into WordPress: Feed Importer for – WordPress plugin |

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Hi @manton ! Does exist a way to do this with a personal wordpress account?

Hello and welcome, @felipe! :tada:

With “personal wordpress account,” do you imply the Personal plan offered by If so: no, it doesn’t look like it’s possible. That plan won’t allow the installation of plug-ins.

There might be other ways, but it would probably require scripting or programming. Or at least some type of integration using Zapier or a similar service.

That’s just the point that I meant about the WP account.

Thanks @sod ! :blush::+1:t4:

Using this with (without plugins) might be a good reason for us to build posting to WordPress directly into I’ll have to think about that some more. (The iOS and macOS apps can post to WordPress one post at a time, but not the backend for mirroring blog posts.)


I’d love to have this feature too! I currently autoshare links of my longform blogs to my blog via but it doesn’t work well when trying to crosspost an entire post, which is what would be better for posts most of which are micro.

Sadly, that plugin isn’t compatible with current versions of Wordpress. +1 for a built-in cross-posting to Wordpress solution. Thanks!

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I’d also love to see native cross-posting to WordPress for the reasons already mentioned, mainly restrictions on installing plugins for users. With existing cross-posting possibilities and filters, this would allow to be a source of truth for all posting.

I’d also love to see this, especially given that it seems I’m going to be winding down one microblogging service very soon…