Content Shifting Left When Clicking on Post

A bit of an odd problem happening right now. If I click on an article from my homepage, all the content on the site shifts slightly to the left. I tried this on Safari/Firefox/Chrome and it happens consistently. Even more weird: if I bring up Chrome’s inspect element thing via F12 when looking at a single post, the content shifts back over.

This is the way most (all?) web browsers work. When a page is short enough, the scrollbar is not visible. For longer pages, the scrollbar appears and will shift the content a bit for websites with a horizontally centered layout.

There are ways around it, like choosing a theme that is not horizontally centered. Or implementing CSS tricks that always show the scrollbar (even for short pages).

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Well I feel dumb now. It looks like the theme is only removing the scrollbar when opening an article as a new tab. Doesn’t happen if opening in the same tab or going to the article directly. I hadn’t even thought of the scrollbar being the thing shifting things around :man_facepalming: thank you! I’ll go ahead and work on it on my end.

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