Choose not to crosspost

Is there a way to tell not to crosspost. Say I had something I wanted to say only to our community and not twitter or mastodon… Is this possible for just a post?

You have to disable cross-posting and then enable it again later. On iOS, the gear icon makes this easier, otherwise on the web it’s under Account → Edit Feeds.

So publish to :
Micro.Blog hosted weblog would be Micro.Blog itself?
Wordpress or micropub blog would crosspost?

Just to be sure.

Never mind, found the right place and figured it out.

if you want to more regularly create a stream of posts only for M.b timeline, create a separate Category with different Cross-Posting rules, as I describe in my Micro.Camp talk.
My M.b-only fitler tag :lock_with_ink_pen: which goes to this Category: L. Warner (aka Cerulean) Writes - Life

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