Category filter not working

It looks like there’s a bug with Categories. No matter what I select (, I always get the complete timeline.

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You’ve found a bug in Kiko, the theme you’re using. :bug: I’ve proposed a fix that hopefully will be accepted.

You can either wait for that to happen, or you could use another theme to work around the bug.

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Good catch! We had similar bugs in the other themes when upgrading to the latest version of Hugo, so I must have missed fixing the Kiko theme.

I’ve merged in @sod’s change so it should show up as a new version under the Plug-ins page. It may take 1-2 hours to notice the new version, so if you don’t see the update button right away, you can uninstall/re-install the plug-in theme to get the latest version.

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@manton I have come across the same issue with Primrose, as well as the bug wherein you upgrade to 0.91 and the posts disappear (at least from the homepage).

Posts also disappeared here.

Which version of the theme are you on, @simonwoods and @vladcampos? You can see that by going to your Plug-in page.

At the time it was the latest one. I even deleted and installed it again like @manton suggested. But, since it was not working, I ended-up moving to another theme.

Current version: 1.0.2

I’ve now realised that even on 0.54 of Hugo the issue with broken category pages has occurred. I edited the name of an existing category and the Footer, and suddenly those pages revered to showing all posts.

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