Categories pages just show my blog's home page

The categories pages on my blog do not work; they simply show my blog’s home page rather than a filtered list of posts. Here is an example: this link should show 9 posts (as of 2022-04-12) about chess. Instead it shows all my posts, just like my blog’s home page.

I noticed this because I have the Stats plugin installed. The categories cloud that the Stats plugin produces appears to produce the correct URLs but they don’t lead anywhere.

Is there something wrong with my categories setup? What can I do to fix this?

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This was a bug in the Hello theme. I’ve just fixed it, so if you update to the latest version of the plug-in it should be fixed. If you don’t see a notice of the new version yet (1.0.3) then you can uninstall and re-install the plug-in and that should install the latest version too. Thanks!

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@manton Thanks for fixing the bug so promptly! Everything is working fine now.