Can I view the "backend" somewhere?

I’m putting together a photo page with GitHub - jsonbecker/plugin-glightbox: A Glightbox plugin for that can be used by other Hugo sites , and it requires that I build the syntax manually, at least for now.

I have errors when I publish the page, something like “Error: Error building site: “/jtr_1bda03/content/”: unrecognized character in shortcode action: U+003E ‘>’. Note: Parameters with non-alphanumeric args must be quoted”

I know this is a Hugo error resulting from some syntax issue I’ve done (my eyes are glazing over double quotations now and brackets after fixing this for 40 minutes). Is there a way for me to see that file, and see where this error is referencing too? I guess it’s line 11 character 272?

That page can only come from either you manually creating a photos page. If that’s being done via a template, the content would be in your custom design under content/ It might be under Pages if you’re doing this via the page feature.

(Here if it’s part of your custom theme)

(Here if it’s a page)