Calrifiying things about multiple blogs

@pimoore 's Tuft theme has sort of made me want to move a project I was getting ready to MicroBlog. This would give me 2 main blogs on here. I just wanted to clarify before I get too in-depth and find out this won’t work.

  1. If I use the photos plug-in on both, will it be one consolidated photo library or will each blogs photos remain separate?

  2. Under Account → Include Replies on, is this meaning my replies to other people? Or replies to my specific posts. I am thinking it’s my replies to others, but just want to be sure.

I think those are my main questions… at least for now as I wrap my head around it.

Thanks to you all for all the great work.

  1. Photos will remain separate on each blog. Each blog has its own posts, URLs, photo storage, etc.
  2. Replies to other people. Because treats replies differently than normal blog posts, it’s a way to include those replies as a page on your blog. That setting lets you specify which blog to use if you have multiple blogs.

Hope this helps!

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