Bookshop widget assistance

Hi developers! I was hoping someone could assist with trying to puzzle out a bookshop shortcode not rendering correctly.

The widget I am trying to transform is below. I’ve already configured my affiliate ID with the bookshop plugin, but can’t figure out the sequence to make the below work in the shortcode.

The full code is,


I have tried every possible combination but the list isn’t rendering correctly on my site. One example attempt is below.

{{< bookshop >}} Favorite Disability Fiction {{< /bookshop >}}

The full URL is

Hi, I’m the author of that plug in. Probably would have seen this faster on Github.

The quick answer is I did not make that plug in compatible with list widgets, just individual books.

If you’d like support for lists, I’d make an issue on Github and I’ll consider it (or you can make a PR of your own!).

Yes, will make an issue request in the github now!