Best way of merging two micro.blogs

I’m considering to do some cleanup of my web sites (I haven’t decided yet). If I want to merge to micro.blogs, what is the best way to do it?

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separate accounts both with hosted sites? Give more details and can advise on strategy.

One account, two hosted sites (keeping URLs not important)

Interesting, I answered this yesterday but now the message isn’t here.

Anyway, one account, two blogs (keeping URLs intact is not important)

Ever more interesting, now the answer is there … ahh well

if you’re not concerned about keeping URLs, it would appear the best approach would be to export all the post from one, and re-import them on the other one. But others might have better specific ideas of making the most of them both being M.b

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work. On Mantons recommendation I tried exporting to WordPress format and then import it into a test blog not nothing is imported.

It would be great if two things existed:

  • Import support for Manton’s own export file (.bar), which is an export option for
  • An automatic process for doing this between two Hosted blogs, especially if they’re on the same account.

I’ve now fixed a bug that prevented the WordPress export from being able to be imported back into

Also agree that .bar should be supported as an import file. I’m working on that. Thanks!

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Just to be clear - the best way to merge two Micro.blogs that are under the same username is to export one blog to Wordpress format and then import it into the other blog? Is that correct?

Is there an option to import Markdown files? If so, what if they include numerous photos?

Hi. Not sure if you will face the same as I did with importing a set of markdown files which originated from blot. I figure markdown is markdown though :-). My posts were for a three year period and had images included. @manton made the import happen for me but I needed for some reason to manually go back in to many posts and update the post and then it would publish if I viewed the site archives. I also went back and added in the images from the archive files I had for those years. After doing those things, I have all the posts from 2019 to 2021 including from two different platforms ( and blot). I’m a happy camper!