Are some posting filtered?

Why is this blog post isn’t published?

I can see it?

now, yes, but yesterday, posts were long to be published online and to the RSS feed.

I highly doubt it is being filtered. There is a separation between the blog and the timeline for this reason (half of my posts aren’t fit for the timeline).

Update: Note to self, scroll before replying.

Okay I wanted to leave something useful. My definitive source for what is going on is the “posts” page of the web interface. If it went through, it will be there, regardless of caches, etc., etc.

Each time you create a new post, Hugo has to rebuild your whole site. It doesn’t take long, maybe a couple of seconds, but it does take time and CPU. Manton implements some kind of queue for rebuilding sites so if lots of folks are posting, it may take a little longer. To help with this, a post doesn’t wait for your site to be rebuilt to end up on places. Often, the post will enter the timeline, will be cross posted, have the single page built, and arrive on your index before the whole site is rebuilt. You’ll notice right after posting, if you have a site with many posts, you will have a much smaller archive. That’s because Manton has done some work to do a quick build of the most recent data to get things feeling instant like a social media app, and then do a more complete/incremental builds behind that on a queue.

I am not positive, but my guess is that your RSS feed is not built until that larger build is complete or is not done upon the first build where the page and post start showing up places. It just took a bit for to get up to the step where it rebuilt your RSS feed.

Totally explains why half my category cloud drains (alerting me to the fact that I need to be patient).

Thanks everyone for chiming in on this topic. I’ve been working on improving the performance here so that everything is faster while publishing new posts. Hope to be able to roll out the improvements soon.


FWIW, yesterday I posted something around 14 … didn’t see it before I went to bed (visible on page, not on feed). When I got up this morning I could see it in the feed … so it took quite some time.