Are my emails getting through to help

I wrote to on November 26th. While I didn’t expect to hear anything over the weekend, I have heard nothing since, and I have sent follow up emails on a number of occasions. Yesterday I post to @help on the timeline and heard nothing.

Then this morning I received notification of my newsletter being ready for editing. I edited it on my account page, asked for a new preview to be sent 10 minutes ago, and have not received anything when I normally hear back in seconds.

I have not changed my email address. I am perplexed as to what is going on?

Update: After pressing preview in newsletters numerous times, the previews have now started coming through. That took about an hour to work.

I am still having the issue that I wrote to about, and am unsure whether that email got through?

I’ve followed up in email now too. Thanks!

Thank you. I saw the email and replied.