Arabica CSS help


I’ve been playing with Arabica’s CSS but I am stuck in one thing. I have a custom footer and for whatever reason I can’t get the link in the footer to match the color of my other links. I tried

a: -webkit-any-link {
      color: (hex code here)

But it changes the colors of every link on the site and I just want the link in the footer to change :slight_smile:

Looking at your site, the footer has a class of .site-footer so you can do .site-footer a { color: hex ;}

ah! I will try that!

Thank you!

oh and, for the navigation menu, I have this CSS,

    .nav a {
    margin: 0 0.5rem;
    color: #35b5ff;
    text-decoration: none;

But when hovering over the menu, it shows orange and I have no idea how to change that :slight_smile:

You need to use the hover selector.

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You will need .nav a:hover

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Probably obvious to many, but the Arabica file with font colors is screen.css.

I extracted just the color lines and darkened a few in this reply.

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