An error is showing on my Newsletter page (low priority)

I configured my newsletter to send when I first started a couple months ago. It has been sent correctly every week. However, I have this annoying error on my Newsletter page in my account.

I assume while experimenting, I had it configured temporarily to Collect posts from a specific category, but that category no longer exists.

I would send an email to for this one.

Or try temporarily changing the setting to Collect posts into monthly email from category, and choose a currently existing category. And then switch back.

Yeah, I think maybe temporarily setting it to a different category is the best way to resolve this error for now. We probably should have a button to dismiss that error message.

I tried changing to another category. The error remains. But I wonder if it will clear out when it tries to send the newsletter using the new category at the beginning of the month. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Update: Actually, It cleared the error when I turned off the newsletter feature and turned it back on!

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Yep, you are correct that it clears the error after you send the newsletter.

If, again, you delete the category you last sent with, the error will return until you successfully send another one from a new category.