Again problems

Don’t understand, why the system is so unstable. Now images will not be shown. In admin area under post I can see it, but not on the post itself.

Starting yesterday and have one problem after another. Starting with missing registration email, slow and inconsistent updates, showing already deleted posts, this image problem.

Is this system in general production ready?

Sorry you’ve had so many problems. Can you explain more about what images aren’t showing up? I checked your blog and it looks like everything is correct.

The problem with deleted posts appearing sounds like a similar known issue we’ve run into before, where posts are cached and not immediately deleted. I’m working on a permanent fix for that.

Yeah, its not reproducable to get old posts visible. I think that happens, if it takes a long time to update parts of the theme. Then I often see the old posts in the preview of my page (in the split screen in theme editor) and on the regular page.

I double check it. The image is now there but it takes a lot of time. First it takes some minutes until the post is visible on the page. Then the CDN delivers a 404 for the image. I see that in the admin area there is no use of the CDN. So its clear why I see the images in the admin area but not on the website. But this takes a long time, at least 15 minutes. And I think the publication of a post and the availability of the images should be at the same time.

For your information: I am writing my post with Ulysses and then publish it directly with this app.

This is not normal. I just noticed today that there is a major backlog of background tasks. I’m looking into why this happened but I’m sure it explains the delay. Normally images are available immediately after upload.

ok, this would be a valid explanation for my problems today. I am glad to hear if you fixed that.

And in addition I hope this fix the problem with the deleted posts, too.