404s after upgrading to Hugo 0.117

Thanks for enabling a more recent Hugo version with the new option to use Hugo 0.117. I’ve been experimenting with this setting but haven’t gotten it to work.

Both my primary blog and my test blog exhibits the same behavior:
After enabling the 0.117 and doing a full rebuild, all pages return 404. They both return to a working state after reversing the Hugo version to 0.91.

The log doesn’t show any errors.

Most, if not all, built-in themes need some tender love and care to run on 0.117. I’m having a dialog with @manton and will probably help out and go over fixing them this week.

When it comes to third-party themes, try building them on your local machine to see error messages not shown on the Micro.blog build log. One common thing I’ve seen is the use of .RSSLink, which is depracated.

Ah good tip on RSSLink. I abandoned the update because of the build failure without logging. I haven’t had much at the computer time to run locally.

I had set my blog to the latest release of Hugo and reverted to the last stable version… I too had problems with my website. I’ll wait until there is a significant advantage to switch.

I’m also going to work on improving the logging. Hugo changed how they are logging errors in the more recent versions.

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