Finding people to follow

Looking in Discover, Micro Monday, and replies.

The platform was designed, from the beginning, to prevent abuse and harassment. Your microblog is your own, where you are free to write about whatever you want, but we protect the timeline, where you can @-reply others, through a variety of tools and curation.

It’s not possible to search by topic or content. doesn’t support hashtags. While these policies prevent bad actors from finding people to harass, it does make it a bit harder for you to find people who share your interests. Here are some tips for finding new people to follow.

Check out the Discover timeline. The Discover timeline is curated by the team. We continually add posts that will educate, entertain, and pique the interest of the community at large. In addition, there is a search tool that will help you find people by name.

Follow Micro Monday (@monday) recommendations. Each week, folks post recommendations of others to follow. It’s our version of Follow Friday. There’s also a Micro Monday podcast, which features a short interview with a microblogger by community manager, Jean MacDonald (@macgenie); and a Micro Monday newsletter, where creator Manton Reece surveys news and posts of interest.

Look at who other people are following. If you go to a user’s profile, you’ll see a link that says “Following x number of users you are not following.”

See all the replies from the people you are following. On the web, under Account, there is a Timeline setting “Show all posts and mentions.” This will show you replies to people who you are not following, and it’s a good way to find new people to follow. Once your timeline gets busy, you might change it so that you only see replies to people you are following.

Make it easier for like-minded people to find you.

  • If you pose a question to the community or post about your interests, your posts are more likely to be added to the Discover timeline, where other folks will find you.
  • Use emojitags so your posts appear in our special interest timelines.
  • If you like someone else’s posts or photos, let them know. is a friendly, thoughtful community with strong guidelines against harassment. Commenting is the best way to connect.