iOS and Mac URL schemes

Send post text to the native apps. for iOS and macOS

The iOS and Mac apps for support a special URL scheme to send text that you want to post. Opening these URLs will fill in the post text in, where you can edit or post it.


For posting directly to blogs without using the apps, see the posting API.

Sunlit for iOS

The companion app to for photos, Sunlit for iOS, supports additional URL schemes for managing stories.


Publish one of your existing stories, given a story name. If the story has a space in its name, it should be URL encoded.


Open one of your existing stories by name.


Create a new blank story and give it a name.


Add photos from the clipboard to an existing story. The clipboard can contain one or more photos. (Can be used with Launch Center Pro or Workflow to add photos from other apps.)


Creates a new story from the photos on the clipboard and the text parameter. Automatically publishes the story to your blog. The published URL will be included in the x-callback-url response.


Return a list of stories using x-callback-url. Comma-separated story titles will be added in the query parameter stories.


Return the URL for a published story using x-callback-url. The published URL will be added in the query parameter url.


To return to another app after Sunlit processes the request, include an x-callback-url action when calling Sunlit, with an x-success value of the other app’s URL scheme.