Third-party apps

Posting with Micropub API clients.

In addition to the official iOS app, there is a growing list of third-party apps that work with Because supports the Micropub API for hosted blogs, many existing Micropub clients can be used to post to Here are a few that we’ve tested with:

  • MarsEdit — Full-featured native macOS blogging app.
  • Quill — Web browser client that can post to and upload photos.
  • OwnYourGram — Automatically posts your Instagram photos to your microblog.
  • OwnYourSwarm — Automatically posts your Swarm check-ins to your microblog.
  • IndieBookClub — Post what books you’re reading to
  • Omnibear — Chrome or Firefox extension for simple posting.
  • Micropublish — Another web client for posting notes or reposts.

There are also some apps specifically for

  • Icro — iOS app for with timeline, posting, and more.
  • Dialog — Android app for!
  • Gluon — Android and iOS app in development.
  • TodayPoster — macOS Today Widget for posting.
  • MicroBlog Desktop — macOS app built with Electron.

If you have any issues connecting from a Micropub client, see our help page about OwnYourGram for tips.