Cross-posting to Twitter, Medium, Mastodon, and more

Write on your microblog and copy to other social networks.

Now that you have a blog that contains all your microblog posts, you can wire it up to Twitter to automatically cross-post them as tweets. You’re writing on your own site first, but the posts still go out to your Twitter followers. You can also enable cross-posting to Facebook. comes with built-in, native cross-posting to Twitter, Facebook, Medium, LinkedIn, and Mastodon. You can access it under the “Edit Feeds & Cross-posting” button on your account.

Next to the RSS feed you would like to automatically cross-post, just click the “Add Twitter” link. You’ll be prompted to authorize your Twitter account, or an account on another service.

Once enabled, any new posts (after you enable cross-posting) will be sent to Twitter, with these rules:

  • Short posts without a title, and less than 280 characters, will be sent to Twitter unmodified.
  • Longer posts without a title, but longer than 280 characters, will be truncated with a link back to your microblog.
  • Posts with a title, regardless of length, will be sent to Twitter using the title and a link back to your microblog to read the full post.
  • Up to 4 photos embedded in a post are automatically downloaded and attached to your tweet. Photos should be larger than 200×200, to avoid accidentally cross-posting small buttons and tracking images that some blog systems include.
  • The first link in a post will be appended as a URL to the end of the tweet.

Similar rules apply for Facebook, Medium, LinkedIn, and Mastodon, but with different length restrictions since the 280-character limit is specific to Twitter.

You can continue to reply and favorite directly on Twitter, and also on Replies posted directly on aren’t included in your microblog RSS feed, so they won’t be sent to Twitter.

Follow the same steps to enable Facebook cross-posting. Facebook posts are not truncated as they are with Twitter. Because Facebook has disabled automatic posting to a Facebook profile, you will have to pick a Facebook page to send posts to.