What is Micro.blog? — A new social network and publishing platform for independent microblogs, created by Manton Reece.

What are the paid plans on Micro.blog for? — Micro.blog is free for basic accounts and paid for extra features. Micro.blog can host your microblog for $5/month, including cross-posting to other social media platforms. If you host your own microblog, you can get the cross-posting feature for $2/month.

Why haven’t I received my invite yet? — Invites to Kickstarter backers have all been sent out. Please check your spam folder, if you are a Kickstarter backer and have not received your invite. Emails will come from the address help@micro.blog with the subject “Micro.blog invite”. If you cannot find your invite, please email help@micro.blog.

When I registered my username, my Kickstarter reward did not appear. Do I have to enter a credit card to get my reward? — For some Kickstarter backers, the reward was not applied. We apologize for the issue, and we’ve updated all the accounts to fix it. If you’ve already created a trial microblog, we’ve credited your account for the extra months. If you’ve paid for a microblog without seeing the Kickstarter reward, email help@micro.blog and we can apply an additional credit to your subscription.

I missed the Kickstarter campaign. When can I sign up for a Micro.blog account? — The public launch date has not yet been set. If you are interested in being notified when it is available, sign up for the mailing list here.

Why are the dates and times on my posts off by a few hours? — Micro.blog tries to determine your current timezone, but it doesn’t work in all cases. We will be fixing this soon and adding an option to choose a timezone.

How do I get the Micro.blog iOS app? — The app is now available for download on the App Store. If you had previously downloaded the beta app via TestFlight, please delete that older version from your phone so that it doesn’t accidentally open when signing in.

How do I follow other Micro.blog users? — You can search on the Discover tab on the Micro.blog web site and in the iPhone app. You can also check the #followme channel on the Microblogging Slack.

Am I required to use Gravatar for my profile image? — Currently, yes. We may expand this to support uploading custom profile images later.

What is the difference between username.micro.blog and micro.blog/username? Shouldn’t these point to the same thing? — URLs with username.micro.blog are independent sites, hosted by Micro.blog. They could just as easily be mydomain.com. The micro.blog/username page has all your posts as well as the Follow button.