What's next

May 2, 2017

Now that Micro.blog is available to Kickstarter backers, we’re working on many improvements leading up to the public launch. Here are some of the features and bugs we’re working on:

  • Connectivity problems (blank screens) on some cellular networks.
  • Some pins are not automatically unlocked.
  • Theme improvements including a link from your-username.micro.blog to your profile page.
  • User search should be available from the iPhone app.
  • @-mentions from regular, non-reply microblog posts should auto-link usernames. If they start with a username, they shouldn’t be cross-posted to Twitter.
  • Links and Twitter cross-posts should use custom domain.

We’ve recently finished these changes:

  • Improved cross-posting to extract inline links and append them at the end of the tweet.
  • Added Markdown and auto-linking URLs in mentions.
  • Added showing conversation view in iPhone from push notifications.
  • Added a Discover page on the web and in the iPhone app to find users.
  • Fixed uploading large photos from the iPhone app.
  • Fixed slow publishing of new posts.
  • Fixed feeds refresh not working for some sites.
  • Fixed escaping HTML in new posts and replies on the web.
  • Fixed invites not showing the correct Kickstarter reward.
  • Fixed dates on timeline not reflecting current timezone.
  • Fixed custom CSS being cleared and not included in Primrose theme.

We’ll keep this help page updated as Micro.blog improves. The full bug list will be maintained in GitHub.