Using MarsEdit

August 22, 2015

If you have a paid microblog on, you can use apps like MarsEdit that support the Blogger API or MetaWeblog API. This is a protocol from the early days of blogging that uses XML-RPC to communicate with a server.

Remember that there are no passwords on To sign in with an app like MarsEdit, use your username and an “app token” for the password. Your account comes with a default token for MarsEdit, but you can generate a new one whenever you want. Click on Account to view or manage your app tokens.

Start in MarsEdit by creating a new weblog. When prompted for the URL, enter This is where your published microblog lives, so MarsEdit will need to look there to automatically discover the XML-RPC endpoint.

If you need to manually configure a blogging client, choose the Blogger API and point it to This usually won’t be necessary if the client has already discovered the proper settings.